How Much Does a Website Cost?

Firstly, you will need to register a domain name costs me £10 annually, a website ending in .com is a similar price and it's a bit more expensive for a website ending in .ie €25 approx.


The next cost is web hosting and depending on your needs, it will cost between £9 - £18 per month. Most of the sites I've done to date cost in and around the £10 per month (this ensures your site is safe/locked and it won't be vulnerable to hacking, which is hugely important, and particularly should you want an online shopping function on your site).


These are costs anyone seeking an online presence must pay and I will help you decide the option best for you and set these things up for you.

So approximately it will cost £130 per year, to have an online presence 7 days a week 365 days a year

The final cost is the one-off fee for building a website or what you might expect to pay JK Web Designs.


It's difficult to say exactly as it all depends on what you need. If you need me to create all the content (all the wording/gathering images for your site etc - copywriting) then this will take longer than if you have your content and information already to hand, and so it will take more of my time and cost more.

I'm happy to spend an hour with you and undertake a free consultation (we will meet up or talk over the phone whichever suits) exploring your needs, ideas, and vision for your website.

I will give you a quote based on our discussion, and if you wish to proceed, I will draw up a brief agreement which clearly sets out what you expect from me & what I need from you, the agreed fee and the timeframe for your site to go live.

I then expect 30% payment, 40% at a later date when we have reviewed the draft site which I will have created for you and the final instalment of 30%, after having completed a second review with you & prior to your new website site going 'live'.

I build websites that have cost between £250 - £2500+

I'm also a Business Studies graduate gaining a 2.1 degree. I excelled in and really enjoyed the Marketing element of the course and have continued to employ the skills/knowledge gained & have great practical experience in marketing and promotion in the roles I've undertaken in my career to date.

With 5 years’ experience, in developing and building websites and in managing Social Media. I encourage you to view my existing projects and if you like what you see, get in touch.

Below is an example of some of the costs you might expect to pay other Web Designers. Whilst my price will be lower, you will receive a website that's professional, stylish and will look great on various devices.